Ever evolving love journey

Very glad you could join me on my very first blog post. Tonight’s topic? Beginnings. All stories typically have a beginning, middle, and end. I’d like to share with you how my husband and I began our relationship, and how glad I am that I did not give up in my quest for a new potential mate and stepfather for my very young children.

So, almost all of you have heard of online dating sites, correct? I found Aaron through one of them and to say I was quite hesitant to join is an understatement. I thought to myself, “What if he’s mean? Creepy?” Then, my optimistic self beckoned courage to come on over. Give him a chance, I thought to myself. We met at a popular restaurant, and I knew it was him immediately. I am blessed with awkwardness peppered with anxiety but courage was on my side! I cleared my throat, “Are you Aaron?” (Surprisingly, with no timidity or anxiety. Somehow I was smiling!) Grinning ear-to-ear he said, “Why yes, are you Anne Marie?” (Yes, I am) Here comes the fun part:

TWELVE days later we were buying wedding bands. Truly, love at first question. By no means are we the perfect couple. We bicker, make up, forgive one another, but most importantly we love and support each other. So, my advice to you dear reader, self doubt is not your friend and neither is negative, self sabotaging criticism. Go on, take a healthy risk. He and I will celebrate two years of marriage in early December.

After my divorce in 2014, no one could convince me I was worthy of love. But once I developed a positive attitude coupled with courage and perseverance, I knew I would find him-perhaps a bit awkwardly at first, but I did. And man, do I love him so.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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