Whining into winning

This post is for you, parents! Grandparents! Any one who cares for children honestly. Let’s talk about how to turn the perhaps daily whining festivals that take place within your home into winning situations that will make your home a bit happier with one short phrase. Shall we?

First, does whining about anything in any given situation accomplish anything? I hope you answered “no” or with a resoundingabsolutely not.” It’s wasted energy, and a great way to teach children to stay away from this habit is the following phrase, “Use your words.” Sometimes I have to say it twice. When used in a calm but firm voice in my household, I allow my child to express their real concern.

They stop crying almost immediately. We then discuss the topic as a family, tears are wiped away and encouragement is given, and we develop a revised game plan. For example, “It’s great that you ate most of your chicken. I’m proud of you for eating your red peppers, too. But you may NOT have three Oreos. One is enough.” Whining no more. Winning.

So, dear reader, remember: we never thought we would grow older but eventually we did. So, too, will our children grow up right before our eyes. Love them through their whines because even to this day we all whine about something, too!

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