“My son, leave them smiling”

Today, my “little boy” is 11 years-old. How fast the time has gone by. He amazes me and makes me laugh every day. He called me a “funny” mom one day, and I gasped a bit because, at the time, that was the highest compliment I had received in a long time!

What issues we dealt with at age four are different than today’s woes but still just as real. I mean, when you’re four and you lose your blankie that’s a BIG deal. When you’re approaching 11, and you lose your best Rubik’s cube that…is an even bigger deal.

Do you have children? What are some lessons they’ve taught you? Have they perhaps taught you to put a certain fear aside and be brave? Have they unlocked your inner child again through imaginary play?

What about certain virtues? My children have taught me it is much better to be patient, thoughtful, and kind – to laugh things off and also kindly said, “Mom, maybe you should just pray about it.”

In closing, I hope my son never stops making people smile and that he always helps them find their inner glow.

Happy birthday.


Your “funny” mom

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