Let Your Smile Serve

So, how exactly does this title relate to having a happier family life? Allow me to share – beginning with the moment I wake to take on the coming day.

Why do I greet my little girl at 6AM who I felt staring at me by my bedside for a few moments with a smile?

Because I choose to treat every day with her as if it’s almost like Christmas morning. No material gifts but feelings of joy, happiness, pure gratefulness in my soul that she and son were given to me. I practically leap out of bed!

Why am I joking around 30 minutes later as my husband is in the kitchen getting ready for work?

I choose laughter and silly jokes peppered with a bit of seriousness because I want him to be chuckling under his breath as he tells me goodbye.

Now, hold on. This something happened. Kate spilled her drink EVERYWHERE. Do I yell? Do I chastise? You’re kidding, right? We both look at each other she says, “Um, whoops?” I tap my foot very fast with a ridiculous look on my face until there as re gales of laughter from both parties. I kindly ask her to grab me a towel, and the spill is cleaned up. No tears, no fears.

My son, my son. Hears all of this and I ask him (like the commercial) “Did you sleep…like a rock? Oh, like a rock?” He chuckles with a simple yes mom.

This is only the morning in our household! Imagine. If your household has feelings of drudgery, rushing, stress, etc. First, slow.down. Perhaps begin with a simple good morning WITH a smile. No need to dive right into a circus.

My challenge to you, though, is to start smiling. Do it now. Today.

Until we meet again.

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