Remember that time?

Remember that time we played endlessly in the sand box?

Remember that time you helped me with all those math problems?

Remember that time you built sand castles and I “smushed ‘um like a big giant”?

Remember that time you did three puzzles and two books with me before bedtime every night?

Remember that time you took us all skiing out West a couple times? What about the Caribbean?

Remember how you taught me how to parallel park?

Remember how you taught me how to get over my fear of baiting my own hook?

Remember how you always told me when it was chilly, “I’d bring a jacket if I were you”?

Remember when you walked me down the aisle and told me to keep…your…pace.

Remember how you now love and cherish my children so?


Always remember, I love you so incredibly much. You and Mom, together, raised us with such love and unconditional affection. I cherish all these times and more. Just as the song goes, “You make me happy/when skies are gray”.

May the blessings and peace of God be upon you. Love, Annie

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