Relationship Heartbeat

Some of you may know, others may not, but my immediate family has you covered in terms of caring for your heart. Both my father and older brother are practicing cardiologists at the same hospital, my eldest brother sells pacemakers and defibrillators, and my older sister is a cardiac cath lab nurse!

However, this post will not be a medical lesson in stents or balloon angioplasties, but rather how to keep the romantic heartbeat of your relationship healthy and at a strong, healthy rhythm. Shall we?

1. Make time to talk in person to each other – DAILY

Folks, some of us lead incredibly busy lives. But, do you have at least 15 minutes to talk to your significant other (put your phone or other device down) and be engaged while communicating? Every night, when we wind down Aaron and I simply talk – about what’s going on the next day, the highlights of not so terrific parts of our day, even if that night’s supper was good? Communication is so key to a great relationship.

2. Do an act of kindness – DAILY

Nothing humongous, bring out the fireworks. It could be an encouraging message on a notepad for example. Doing a chore that the other normally always performs, etc.

3. Remember your manners

“Please” and “Thank you” are typically appreciated by the receiver. Also, be mindful to avoid being overly demanding or looking to “always getting your way.” Compromising is another pillar of a great relationship.

And finally…

Sometimes, all of us just need a hug. Whether it’s out of celebration, consolation, or a long embrace giving your significant other a hug might, just might…brighten their day all the while your romantic heartbeat is growing stronger and stronger.

Until we meet again.

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