So, the sun has yet to rise. What have I accomplished thus far? Let’s see – a shower, having my coffee, studying for the GRE that’s coming up quicker than I’d like, and revamping my top 10 goals. This has been my typical routine for the last 6 weeks or so. What’s your routine? Do you have one?

There’s a very interesting book that talks about “habit stacking”. The stack should really only take about three to five minutes to complete. It can be as simple as filling a water bottle to brushing your teeth in the morning!

The author goes on to explain the possibilities are endless as to what habits go into your stack. Just make sure the list isn’t too long or overwhelming. If this sounds interesting, the book is “Habit Stacking 127 Small Changes to Improve Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness” by S.J. Scott.

I enjoyed it, and I hope you do, too!

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