No “Tech” Time

So, there’s a new thing I’m trying to implement in our household. And, I’m interested to see how it goes with my young children. It’s something I call no “tech” time where for a certain amount of time everyone puts down there device…and TALKS to one another.

It’s certainly not a novel concept. However, as I sat in a busy airport yesterday waiting for our flight, it seemed like everyone was staring downward at some type of device silently. I began to realize, on the whole, we are so digitally wrapped up that our listening and verbal communication skills have suffered.

Now, my kids are still involved in after school activities and enjoy being outside for sure. But, put an Ipad in their hands and they could, for at least 30 minutes get lost in a game of some sort. That’s 30 minutes of play time or conversation time we could have enjoyed. So? What to do? No “tech” time!

Aaron and I did it for seven minutes one night. (Number was chosen at random). We talked and laughed about so many things! We talked about the next day’s activities, important dates coming up, etc. I felt like it was truly focused conversation. I felt better afterwards because I really connected with Aaron on a level where true listening took place!

Try this technique with a co-worker, loved one, really… anyone you speak to! Why? Your listener deserves your undivided attention. Would you not want the same in return?

Until we meet again.

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