“I want to share some of the things that begin your life’s blueprint.

Number one should be a deep belief in your own dignity.

Your own worth and your own somebodiness.

Always feel like you count.

Always feel like you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance.”

These words were spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to a group of high school students in October 1967. If he were alive today and were to ask you, “Do you believe in yourself? What are you doing with the blueprint of your life to make “you feel like your life has ultimate significance?”

There are incalculable ways to answer this set of questions. Personally, I sometimes struggle in believing in myself. Why? I’m on a weight loss journey where some weeks my eating and exercising regime are spot on. Other weeks, I do not consume the healthiest of foods and I drag my feet in terms of exercise thinking, “Oh well, I’ll REALLY ramp up my cardio tomorrow!” Then I step on the scale later in the week. Up two pounds! Sliding backwards. Start all over.

Self confidence and self esteem take a serious blow. But, Aaron gently reminds me to get back on the treadmill and watch my carbs intake while wrapping me in a big hug.

I do however feel like my life has tremendous significance-especially when it comes to raising my children. I’m in control of my actions to set a great example to them, provide discipline and guidance, encouragement, share in their joy, etc. I am also called to be a positive, attentive, and loving spouse. In no way am I perfect, I assure you, but I try to do small, random acts of kinds that bolster Aaron’s belief that he most certainly “counts”.

Friends: Remember, you are always a “somebody”. You matter! Now, what will you do with the blueprint of your life?

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