Time and Self-forgiveness

As I sat in a beach chair, the sun warming my back as I was conducting research for this post it came to me. Time – that will be the next topic of discussion.

You see, we cannot borrow or give back time. Unlike popular game systems, none of us have “infinite lives” or even cool things like invincibility. My point? I’m still, today, trying to forgive myself for not taking the time to call my best friend from college back in August 2014. I listened to her message, made a solemn promise to return her call…and then her family member contacted me about two weeks later. My friend was on life support! I had just seen her a few months prior!

Within two days, my friend passed away. Shock, grief, you name it I was overwhelmed. But I knew, with ample amounts of each of these (prayer and time) my shattered heart would heal. So, advice time…get ready! Just because your healing is going a little slower than you want it to I have a suggestion for you. Go outside and sit down. Look at the stars, think of a loved one you love SO, SO much and say your ABCs as you look at the stars. Imagine that person wrapping their loving arms around you. Out loud, say I love you.

Leave a comment if you needed a tissue.

Take care.

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