Let’s talk action

So, right now in your life, are you trying to figure something out? Examples could be: paying off debt, losing weight, your life in general (that’s a heavy one), etc.

I’m trying to figure out how to lose AND keep off 10 lbs THANKSGIVING included this month. So where did I begin this morning? The fridge. I chose to forgo my 2% milk in my coffee and instead use coffee mate. (About 20 calories vs. 130 or so) Doing good so far!

Then, I participated in a pretty intense cardio group fitness class (keep the sweatshirt on, Aaron said, makes ya sweat). I made it 37 minutes. Either I picked the wrong weights or I’m that out of shape or both! However! There’s a class on Monday, and I’ll be in attendance.

I am not counting calories but watching my carb and sweets intake. Definitely drinking 64+ ounces of water per day too,

So? How am I taking action in terms of my journey this month? Daily, realistic, and fun goals. You can think and talk all day about what you want to achieve, but goals are only unicorns disguised as galloping horses if you don’t take action.

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