Cats – Roll up your sleeves

There are many ups and downs when it comes to pet ownership – especially cats. Am I “cat person”, you ask? Some days, yes. Other days, no way. I shall explain.

Our family has two cats. Both are very docile, love to be petted, scatter when my children run after them, but there is a running, common to (most felines I believe), they vomit almost DAILY if not every 2-3 days. Now, herein lies my irritation.

Why? I walk in our house barefoot almost 95% of the time. These animals are quite angelic, I agree, but, there’s that one thing that sneaks up remember? Right. Where is said vomit MOST of the time? The kitchen. Before I can even turn on the kitchen light in the morning, I’m screeching and sliding in a goopy mess! You’d think, by now, I would – stop, turn on a light BEFORE entering the kitchen, look both ways, and then proceed with caution.

So, how I am learning to solve this barefoot irritation? By rolling up my sleeves and accepting my cats for the sweet creatures God made them to be, teaching my children to be sweet and kind to them, and offering up silent prayers for increases of patience and love for my cats, Mike and Gracie.

Until we meet again…

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