Full Tank? Or Edging Closer to “E”?

So, right now, I really should be working on my Portfolio Report and Analysis paper for my JOUR762 (Issues in Mass Communication Management) course. Instead, dear reader, I have chosen to write to you! There are a few items up for review that I believe are worth expounding upon.

Let me ask you. Do you feel like you have a “full tank” right now? What in the WORLD do I mean by that?? First, do you feel full of energy, ready to tackle each days’ challenges presented by your line of work (from executive to stay at home parent working or non-working), children and all their activities and school work, supper clubs, perhaps activities with your church, etc? (I believe the list is like an endless runner video game…it goes on and on…)

On the flip side of the coin, you COULD feel like this and over the years achieved a great, admirable balance. I commend you! Leave a comment of how you have achieved this. No, really. Please do. What do you do? Yoga? Stretch? A particular daily routine with pitch perfect consistency? Perhaps a running club? I look like I’m swimming on land when I run! So, running is out for me. Brisk walking is my style.

But, here’s the real crux of the issue. What about those of us who feel like we are truly drowning in fear, anxiety, hopelessness, despair? We feel like we are edging ever closer to “E” (empty) like a vehicle that’s about to run bone dry of gasoline. I wish I had a megaphone that I could broadcast across the nation! I would say to all those who felt this way, “PLEASE! You have support among you. DO NOT GIVE UP! You’re tank will once again be full. It will once again be overflowing with joy, peace, and good things but it’s up to YOU to persist in the eye of the storm! (With much emphasis I would implore) YOU.ARE.NOT.ALONE.

Folks, my entire point of this post is that NOBODY is an island. We are all unique individuals beautifully woven from the same quilt of life. Yet, if too many sections are destroyed, too many pieces utterly cut, and the wonderful, beautiful quilt patches are tarnished our tanks will siphoned so quickly that we will be pushed to “E” so much the faster.

May all peace, joy, and happiness fill your days.

Until we meet again.

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