Video Games: Life Lessons

So, primarily, I grew up playing the original Nintendo game system. On some incredibly hot, I’m talking “furnace” hot, summer days I would spend hours playing Zelda, switch to Castlevania, and then….what happened next was catastrophic and that’s putting it lightly.

Controller in hand, I would stand up to stretch. No big deal, right? WRONG. I took a step backwards, pulling the controller with me causing the entire console to become the least bit unplugged. My heart sank as I watched the TV screen blink – gray and black over and…over signifying all progress (all bosses beaten, every castle conquered GONE) say in Zelda was lost for that summer morning. At the time, I was quite upset but I actually tell that story sometimes as an icebreaker!

So what have we learned folks?

Patience: If you’ve lost a lot of progress on your goal, instead of abandoning it think of another set of strategic steps. Don’t make it 100 steps long, 4-5 should do.

Perseverance: Just keep going. Commitment and perseverance blended together will carry you far.

Take breaks: It’s alright! Breaks during your day are healthy! It’s okay “to unplug” You will have still have beaten those “bosses and castles” Smile and STRETCH!

Until we meet again.


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