What’s on the menu? Your words

Before you continue reading, take a moment to reflect on the most recent conversation you had with another person. The conversation doesn’t have to be spoken-any form of communication will do (email, text, social media interaction, etc.)

Okay. Now, why this exercise? I wanted you to take a closer look at how the words you chose to express were 1. uplifting? 2. strictly professional? 3. very positive in nature? Or, did you have to “taste” your sour words, were they met with a host of negative outcomes?

I write to you, dear readers, to say that practicing daily kindness, patience, and being mindful peacemakers rather than defaulting to the sea of negativity that quietly calls to us is truly living an uncommon life. What if you chose to adopt this habit right now? Stop reading and send a quick text to someone you love saying you love them, hope they are well! How did that feel? Friends, have the courage to step outside of yourself, walk mindfully, and always remember kindness is not just a dream and a wish away. You just have to choose it!

Until we meet again.

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