Go Forth

Excited. I hadn’t seen or really spoken to him all week!

I hopped out of my car. But, holding his umbrella repelling the light rain, his greeting stung. “What are you doing here? What do you want?” (How to answer?)

With a smile, of course. I stated the purpose of my visit and we made small talk once inside. I’ve learned with this person that genuine smiles, active listening, engaging dialogue, and knowing the perfect time to throw in that “zinger” and END it on a humorous note really makes our conversations not only lively but pretty memorable.

Tell me. How do YOU react to those that throw their bristles either subtly or not so subtly towards you?Do you pause, smile, and with tact gracefully meet them where they are? What I mean is, do you give them some grace? Do you repel whatever “rain” is pelting their umbrella of life?

Humility, patience, and kindness will take you far when seeking out new friendships. I have learned more in 2-3 networking meetings about human relations, public speaking, genuine character, and more than entire college semester! (NOT Master’s level). Get out there! Put aside your fear. Network. Be the first to say hello, “Hi!” Jump in the DEEP end of pool. You CAN swim. If you’re scared once you’re in the water just know I’m right on the side, cheering you on – with a life saver of course.

Until we meet again.

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